RentalSpec Products Ltd                                                                                                  Tel. 02920 450 128

RentalSpec understand the equipment hire/rental industry.Our products are of the highest level of quality, functionality and safety and are balanced with durability, ease of maintenance and overall cost. We help you to maximise your utilisation and profitability.

RentalSpec is focused on providing:

  •      The latest product innovation
  •      Global sourced commodities
  •      Design and Manufacturing
  •      Sales channel management & specialist support
  •      Partnership with international product suppliers

Design & Manufacture

With a background in material handling manufacture we design & manufacture our own products and strive to offer improved solutions to those currently available. Providing increased capacity, functionality, ease of maintenance or simply just a better overall solution.


At RentalSpec we will assist turning good ideas into reality by:

  •      Discussing your product ideas
  •      Appraise potential opportunity be it large or small
  •      Understand any design & patent issues
  •      Develop drawings & costing
  •      Provide prototypes
  •      Accessing a wide network of product design expertise


Good design cannot be successful without consideration for production cost. At RentalSpec we will provide access to:

  •      UK based material handing manufacture
  •      Far East manufacturing partners
  •      A network of hire product expertise
  •      A complete end to end solution
  •      Competitive production costs
  •      Product Introduction.

Products we develop for our customers we do in partnership

We will assist with: 

  •      Developing sales channels
  •      Marketing Strategy & Launch
  •      Working in exclusive joint ventures
  •      Own Branding
  •      Stocking & Distribution
  •      After sales support









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